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Sabrina Dahan

Designed to whisk the bride away to a summer in Paris full of love, beauty and romance reminiscent of the time she met her true love...Sabrina Dahan’s debut collection brings to life the Black and White storyline sketched while roaming the magical city admiring floral textures, Parisian ornate architecture and three dimensional wall carvings of vines.

The inspiration taken from new love and the excitement of the unknown, creates a season of whimsically patterned floral and vine appliques intricately placed over understated organza, mimicking the vines creeping up French walls. Sabrina interprets the iron lattice of the Eiffel Tower into fine cross-hatch detail on a flowing ball gown. Semi-sheer layers of tulle gracefully abundant in skirts emulate the juxtaposition of elegance and fun one has when gallivanting around the streets of Paris, in love! The sparkle of the Eiffel Tower shining over the Seine at night is shown in bursts of detail on sleeves and ornate detail within blossoming flowers.


Sabrina Dahan’s couture shapes and fabrications are exciting, romantic and effortless mirroring the experience from when she first fell in love, this collection is meant for bride who wants to join in the ultimate love story. 

Sabrina Dahan, Spring 2016