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Flowers From Fugly to Fabulous

Flowers are always a thoughtful gift… but thoughtful doesn’t always equal chic! If you recently received a bouquet that lacks style or is downright hideous, here is my advice for taking fugly to fabulous. #Life... Read more

Tinder Date in Less Than an HOUR!

I swiped right! We had coffee, we went for drinks, and now I’ve invited my date over for a home-cooked dinner at my apartment – except I haven’t cooked anything at all. Watch the video above to see how I made a... Read more

Futon to Four Stars

If you’re expecting overnight guests, these are my foolproof ways to make sure they feel like they’re at home (but don’t overstay their welcome!)For more tips from Colin, read “Preparing A Welcoming Guest Room”... Read more

Colin's Vodka Tart Cocktail

The perfect balance of sweet and tart, you’re going love this colorful cocktail. Ingredients: 1 oz. pomegranate juice 1 oz. Chambord Liqueur 3 ounces vodka Splash of club soda Slice of lime, for garnish Raspber... Read more

Creamy Chocolate Mousse with Gold Glitter Heart

Here is an elegant dessert that I always think of as originating in the 1950s. I’ve heightened it and lightened it, respectively, by serving it in elegant martini glasses and garnishing it with fresh raspberrie... Read more

Tomato Soup with Heart Shaped Crab Salad Sandwich

Warm up with this tasty tomato soup, perfectly paired with a deliciously adorable heart-shaped crab salad sandwich. Crab Salad Sandwich 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon lemon juice 8 onces of crabmeat 2 tabl... Read more

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