Wedding Planning As Told By The Bachelor Girls


1. When you’re the first of your friends to get engaged.


2. When you can’t wait to start planning!


3. When you realize how much everything is going to cost.


4. When you’re trying to plan but you’re just too exhausted.


5. When your friend says planning her wedding was super easy and fun.


6. When you find the perfect dress.


7. When you find the perfect bra for the perfect dress…

8. When you realize you need to start dieting.

9. When your friends say, “let’s order pizza!”

10. When your planner tells you to stop texting them at 3:00am.

11. When everyone is telling you to calm down but no one understands how stressed you are.

12. When sushi is the only thing that will help.

13. When your diet is finally over.

14. When it’s finally your Big Day!!

15. When your bridesmaids see your big reveal!

16. When he sees you walk down the aisle. 

17. When you run to your honeymoon like…

-- Lauren Megerdichian & Julia Gargiulo 

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