The World's Worst Wedding Fails Of All Time

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Weddings can be magical, romantic, gorgeous, and the best day of your life - but they can also be epic fails. And lucky for us, the best fails have most likely been filmed and landed themselves on the World Wide Web courtesy of their generous wedding guests. Should we feel bad for laughing so much at these? You can be the judge. 

1. Rule#1: Always make sure your best man is grounded. No, literally... 

2. Skip to 1:28 to see this officiant make one big mistake. 

3. When your bridal party takes a quick dip in the lake before the ceremony. That slow-mo though lol. 

4. That moment when you randomly catch fire and try to pretend like everything is chill. 

5. If you're thinking drones would be a good idea at your wedding - think again. 

-- Lauren Megerdichian 

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