The Best Etsy Finds For Your Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are sometimes overlooked in the planning process…and the budgeting process. They can be more expensive than you planned for, especially if you want personalized favors, as many couples do. Thanks to the internet, and very crafty people, you can now buy all of your favors handcrafted with love! If you’re not the artsy type, Etsy is definitely the place for you. We know it’s a big place so we’ve put together our 11 favorite wedding favors that you can find on Etsy! 

1. Custom Soaps
These country-style soaps are the perfect addition to your rustic wedding. They’re almost too pretty to use!
Rustic Joy Soap
2. Macaroons in Holy Matrimony 
The only thing better than a soft and sweet macaroon is this adorable little gift box that they live in!
Splendid Sweet Shoppe

3. Everyone Loves Lip-balm
Everyone could use a little balm after dancing the night away. Plus it’s organic!
4. Cozy Koozies
Warm beers no more! Aren’t koozies just the best? We think your guests will agree.

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Cute Sayings
5. Mint To Be
These favors are simple, cost effective but totally adorable. Everyone could use a mint post-dinner, pre-party!
Pop Fizz Cheers
6. Playing Games With My Heart
Talk about original. We love this favor idea for the fun and whimsy couple!

Nspire Design   
7. Wedding Wine Cork
We’re not saying you can’t finish that entire bottle of wine yourself, but just in case, everyone can use a cork!
I Do Everlasting
8. Hangover Cures
Your wedding is going to be the party of the year, so make sure your guests are equipped to hang with these wedding recovery kits.

9. Cup Full of Love
How cute are these personalized cups? Brings us back to sorority days…
Mailbox Happiness
10. Blinded by Love 
Who couldn’t use an extra pair of sunnies? This favor is perfect for an outdoor wedding or reception!
Glitter Saturday LLC

11. Would You Light My Candle?
Candles are one favor guaranteed to not be thrown out. Especially if they’re in stylish gold tins and smell AH-MAZING.
North29 Candle Co.

--Julia Gargiulo

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