9 Heart-Warming Gifts To Thank Dad On Your Wedding Day

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How can you thank the man who’s about to walk you down the aisle and “give away” his little girl? Any father will tell you that walking with their darling daughter on her wedding day is the greatest gift a father can ever receive.  However, if you really want to pull out all the stops for the man who loved you first, consider giving him a token of your appreciation.  We’re sharing the sweetest gifts for the father of the bride which are sure to tug on Dad’s heartstrings.

1. Walking Socks
These socks are made for walking! Let your dad know how grateful you are that he’s walking you down the aisle with the cutest father of the bride socks.Sock Prints via Etsy / GroomSocks

2. Wedding Tie
You know he’s going to be wearing one, so why not gift your father a brand new tie with a lovely message sewed in underneath. If you’re sneaky enough, you can even “borrow” one of his to instantly make it his fave tie.Sew Happy Girls
3. Handwritten Card
Nothing beats a handwritten card to let your father know how happy you are that he’s a part of your special day. Forever keepsake guaranteed.Orange Umbrella Co / Cherish By Noel
4. Fishing Lure
If your dad is the fishing type, he’ll definitely appreciate a new lure that reminds him of the day his daughter said “I do”.Tidewater and Tulle

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5. Custom Cufflinks
The only thing sweeter than your dad wearing his customized wedding cufflinks is the smile he’ll be wearing when you give them to him.Ms. Golightly Designs / Artfire Supplies
6. Handkerchief
In the event of happy tears, your dad will be fully prepared with an adorably customized handkerchief for his perfectly tailored suit.Bridal Embroidery Megs via Etsy
7. Framed Photo
Give your father the gift of re-living the day his little girl got married with a framed photo of the two of you on your wedding day.Fancy Day Frames via Etsy 

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8. Tie clip
Add the finishing touches to your dashing dad with a tie clip personalized with a sweet message.JLynn Creations / Mickey Chase Jewelry
9. Engraved Watch
Dad can always use a new timepiece! For added adorableness, set the watch’s time for the time you two will be walking down the aisle.Treehut


--Julia Gargiulo

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