11 Ideas That Will Transform Your Backyard Into The Best Wedding Ever

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There are a thousand reasons to have a backyard wedding: they’re intimate, cost-effective and about as personal as it gets! Skipping out on that site fee will help fund the amazing décor ideas that are coming your way. If DIY is your middle name and you’re not trying to break the bank, a cozy backyard wedding may be in your future! Here are 11 backyard wedding décor ideas BEST wedding ever in your own backyard!

1. Low Key Feel
Your backyard wedding doesn’t need to feel like an over-produced event. With a more casual atmosphere, you’ll feel more at home on your Big Day…mostly because you are at home.Jess Jackson PhotographyJen Fariello Photography

2. Creative Arbor
The main focal piece in your wedding, besides you of course, is your arbor! This is your chance to get seriously creative.Justin Tinapay Photography

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Olivia Richards Photography

3.  S’mores Bar
Amp up the homey vibe with the most classic (and delicious) backyard activity EVER.HappyWed

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4. String Lights
Skip the uplighting and extravagant projection and opt for some gorgeous café string lights to give your reception the glow it deserves.Colin Cowie CelebrationsLauren Apel Photography

5. Gorg Garlands
We love garlands for so many reasons. You can use them as a photo backdrop, added décor or dangle them from your arbor. The added DIY factor is impossible not to love.Our Labor Of Love

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Summer Street Photography

6. Woodsy Signs
It may not be too difficult to get lost at a backyard wedding, but we say bring on the cutesy signage anyway! Plus you’ll need to point your guests in the direction of the super fun activities you’ve put together!Jen Menard PhotographyW& E Photographie

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7. Whimsical Outdoor Furniture
Vintage and mismatched furniture is trending on a hundred thousand trillion right now. A restored Goodwill dresser makes for the perfect food or drink station!Kristyn Hogan Photography

8. Comfort Food
We all love a good filet, but when in Rome (or your backyard) take the opportunity to serve good old fashion comfort food like burgers or mac and cheese!

9. All Fun & Games
You know what goes perfectly with cocktails? Games! Turn your cocktail hour up with the whimsy of outdoor games for your guests to lift spirits while drinking them!Michelle Warren Photography

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Charity Maurer Photography

10. Hanging Décor
Take advantage of some of the natural beauty in your backyard space: trees! If you have any trees you find are in the way of your reception area, use them to hang some fun décor or even create a photo booth area!Meg Miller Photography

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Verbena Floral Design

11. Outdoor Bar
Don’t have a bar in your backyard? No problem! If you’re a DIY queen, which we’ve established by now, consult the internet for a tutorial on a homemade outdoor bar!Chris Wodjak Photography


--Julia Gargiulo

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