The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over These Wedding Marquee Lights

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Marquee lights have been present in the entertainment realm for ages. Now this trend has made its way into the wedding world and taken it by storm. From signage to cakes, who doesn’t want to see their name in lights?! Every bride deserves to feel like an A-Lister on their wedding day. Lucky for you we’ve put together all of the litspo you’ll need to add a marquee touch to your wedding.

1. Monogram Marquee
Always a classic. There’s nothing better than seeing your name (next to your new hubby’s name) in lights!Paula O'HaraOne Love Photography

2. Illuminated Signage
Draw major attention to your wooden signs with a marquee of lights surrounding your dinner menu or escort cards.Elizabeth Arin Photography

3. Bar Beckoning
A bright bar sign is so fun and welcoming, especially against an industrial or brick background.Courtesy of Liz Marie BlogRustic White

4. Brighten A Sweetheart Table
Smaller marquee letters flawlessly compliment you and sweetheart at your private dinner table.D'AmorJoel Bedford

5. Dessert Table
The dessert table always gets tons of attention on it’s own, but why not light it up with a bright and sweet sign.Annie McElwainCary Diaz

6. DJ, Light It Up
Give your guests a reason to get up and dance with an illuminated DJ booth so you can light up the dance floor with your moves (after you remove your Jimmy Choo pumps of course).Studio Sixty

7. Luminous Wedding Photos
All décor aside, marquee lights can make fabulous props or backdrops for your engagement or wedding photos!Amanda WatsonAnnie McElwain

8. Lit Cakes
Can you get any sweeter than marquee lights on a cake? Whether they’re a topper or inside the cake, your cake is guaranteed to be LIT.Erica O'BrienThe Cupcake Emporium

9. Dine Bright
Marquees aren’t reserved for the party space. Illuminate your dining hall for a whimsical touch during dinner. Cassidy BrookeLaura Murray

10. Announce Your New Titles
Now presenting... Mr. and Mrs. fabulous!Courtesy of Save On Crafts


--Julia Gargiulo

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