How To Style A Bar Cart Worth Throwing A Party For

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Bar carts don’t always live up to their potential.  Not only can they keep your home looking organized and ready for any impromptu party, but they can also give your home some serious style points! They’re the perfect mix of booze and beauty – what’s not to love? Honestly, every good host should have a stylized bar cart. That’s why we’re rounding up the cutest bar carts on Pinterest that you will need to get inspired. And don’t forget to add your personal touch to every style!

1. Designer Inspired
Nothing like a little bit of Chanel to add style to a chic bar cart, the cat obviously agrees.A Mix of Min 

2. All About The Peonies
Sometimes all it takes is an organized cart with a bouquet of beautiful blooms.Camille Styles

3. Artsy Vibes
Artsy wall art + drinks + record player = the recipe for a good time.Chronicles of Frivolity 

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4. Color Block Cart
Sit your bar cart up against a bright and playful backdrop for the ultimate insta-tunity.A Beautiful MessCoveteur

5. Pop, Clink, Fizz 
Print and frame your favorite celebratory quote and hang it above for an easy DIY element.Dream Green DIY 

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6. Marquee & Mules
Marquee lights will guarantee to turn every guest’s head towards the bar.Murphy's LawDwell Studio

7. Unique Shapes 
The more intricate the shape of your bar cart, the less basic it will be.Murphy's Law 

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8. Pop Of Pink
Every good bar cart needs a pop of pink, it’s practically textbook.My Domaine 

9. Greenery Galore
Plants will always liven up the scene.Pinterest

10. Classic & Clean
Don’t sweat the small stuff – sometimes simple bar carts still look so gorgeous on their own.Ruth Eileen Photography 

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Sarah Du JourShop Society Social 


--Lauren Megerdichian

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