The Romance of Africa

Exploring With Lederle Safaris

South Africa natives and creators of the renowned Lederle Safaris, Greg and Riana Lederle discuss the unique beauty and unrivaled adventure Africa has to offer.

“The seedlings for this started long before the company itself took shape. It actually started out as a love affair,” says the effervescent guide of Lederle Safaris, Greg Lederle. Based in South Africa, the company was founded after a “whirlwind” romance between Greg and Lederle Safaris’ marketing guru, Riana. In a dream-like wedding proposal in a valley in the African bush, Greg instructed Riana to break open an ostrich egg which contained a diamond ring - all while 15 lions serenaded them. One proposal, two lovely, rambunctious daughters and ten years later, Lederle Safaris was born. Soon, Greg notes, the newlywed South Africa natives were “choreographing, sculpting, and tailoring weddings, honeymoons and discerning specialist travel to over 13 countries in Africa as well as her islands.”

Yes, islands. Calm, beautiful islands like North Island, Seychelles offer unparalleled serenity. Greg explains, “After arriving from overseas so many people are still wired as tight as a guitar’s strings from the hustle and fast paced lives they lead back home, and day by day you can see the tension ease, you can see their eyes opening up, their ears tuning in.”

The art of tuning in doesn’t apply solely to Lederle Safari guests. Riana explains the immense preparation and attention to detail required, as she and Greg personally travel to partnering businesses and inspect the quality of the locations. “Before planning a wedding, a honeymoon or any trip, we get to know our clients very well. Knowing what their needs are and managing expectations and combining the perfect destination in order to make for the perfect experience.”

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The ever-elusive ‘perfect’ traveling experience may in fact be possible, as there is something for everyone Africa. If, instead of pristine beaches, one desires a trek through the bush, a walking safari in Kruger National Park or Okavango Delta may be suggested. A tour with Greg through Little Mombo, Botswana (also known as the predator capital of Africa) is also sure to satisfy an adventurous appetite.

Beneath all of the adventure and beautiful mystery of Africa lies romance. “Picture a scene that every artist and camera has failed to capture. Picture the abstracted branches of an Acacia tree silhouetted by the setting African sun, as she paints on the canvas of the early evening sky,” says Greg. He and Riana go on, telling of battles between predator and prey, opulent lodges, roaring lions and the welcoming smiles of Africa’s people. “Picture all of this with the one soul you have chosen to spend your life with, sharing in all these new experiences, new energies and new relationships.” Solitude, adventure, mystery and, above all, romance prompts a tip: “The only affair that is tolerated in a marriage is the one you will have with Africa, for it is not a question of if, but rather of when the affair will start.”

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-Keely-Shea Smith

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