Honeymoon In Style On Italy's Coast

Italy’s Mediterranean coast is one of the world’s premier honeymoon destinations and we're ready to share our secret getaway spots and activities! Find out just why we love this luxurious locale...

1. See The Sights
After jumping on a hydrofoil to get to the island of Capri, be sure to take a chair-lift up Mount Solaro. At the highest point in all of Amalfi, 1,932-feet above sea level, you’ll take in the entire to-die-for views you came to the region to see. 

2. Swim In The Blue Grotto
On the island of Capri, this swimming hole is a must-see. After reaching the seacave by boat, you’ll be illuminated by a brilliant blue hue as you wade in the water. Then retreat back to your opulent suite at the luxurious Capri Palace Hotel & Spa in Anacapri for drier adventures. 

 3. Take A Hike
Stretching from the cliffs of Agerola to the town of Positano, this treacherous course is called “The Path of Gods” for good reason. With its sweeping views of the Gulf of Salerno, this hiking trail, which is frequently used by locals, is void of railings.

3. Embrace History
No hotel on the entire Amalfi Coast has a better view for gazing out onto the water than Hotel Santa Caterina in Salerno. This family owned seaside villa-turned-hotel was first built in the 19th century and has thrived since.

5. Live In Luxury
Book a lavish suite at the Grand Hotel Quisiana on the island of Capri, where you can indulge in gorgeous natural sunlight, light Tyrrhenian Sea breeze and sweeping views of the coastline. It’s really almost too delicious to leave!

4. Go Shopping
There's shopping in abundance on Italy's southern coast. If staying in Capri, walk along the Via Camerelle and indulge in some of the world's finest shopping. We also love the coral-colored jewelry that lines the streets and screams 'summer on the coast'.

5. Sleep At A Villa
Honeymooners in the area shouldn’t pass up a night or more at the Palazzo Avino, formerly Hotel Palazzo Sasso. Perched high on the cliffs in the town of Ravello, this 12th century property personifies romance.

6. Sip Limoncello
Leave it to the Italians to make limoncello instead of lemonade! This sweet, after-dinner digestivo is the region’s signature drink  that you’ll find everywhere. Watch your intake-the liqueur can go right to your head under the Mediterranean sun!

7. Dine Like A Local
This would mean dining on the freshest fish imaginable—literally plucked from the sea below. While there are plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from, one of the best is JKitchen in Capri.

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