5 Welcome Package Ideas for Your Out-of-Town Guests

A welcome basket with water, CDs, sunscreen, and a sarong await guests at a beach wedding.
Julie Skarratt

Whether your guests have traveled by train, plane or automobile, their attendance at your far-flung destination wedding sends you the message that they just couldn't miss your nuptials.

Now it's your turn to convey your gratitude by leaving a welcome package for them upon their arrival at their hotel.

Not only does this give guests a warm-and-fuzzy feeling, it also helps them fill their time when they're not engaging in your wedding-related activities--and reminds them not to miss the schedule of events you have planned!

1. Have the welcome package waiting.

Where you leave your welcome package will depend on its size, but giving it upon arrival will insure they receive it in time for all events.

If it is a simple packet, leave it at the hotel registration desk. If you decide to elaborate your welcome package to include snacks, suntan lotion, etc., it will be easier to have the package placed in their pre-assigned rooms.

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