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The Best Weekend Getaway Spots For Your Bachelorette Party (That Aren’t Vegas)

When you dream of your bachelorette party, images of a night of bubbly, innaprop decorations and the movie The Hangover might come to mind. We say, instead of only one night you’ll half remember, take a break f... Read more

The Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations For The Love Of Après-Ski

Whenever you hear the word “honeymoon”, we’re guessing you immediately think piña coladas, sandy beaches, and tan skin – well we’re about to change everything you thought you knew about that post-nuptial paradi... Read more

Extraordinary Weddings: Coralizing Los Cabos

This gorgeous Los Cabos wedding began with a poolside cocktail party. We agreed to make coral the central theme and motif for the party, incorporating both the vibrant color and fabulous sculptural quality into... Read more

4 South African Experiences To Check Off Your Bucket List

Every event I create stimulates each of your 5 senses: What you see, smell, listen to, taste, and touch. When I travel, I strive to have the same 5-sense experience. As a native South African, I am a little bia... Read more

5 Biggest Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Avoid these common travel blunders to have the time of your life on your trip. 1. Consider the season To begin your life together, you are more than likely going on a honeymoon, and like weddings, spring and su... Read more

10 Minutes with: Marlon du Toit

Going on safari is the experience of a lifetime. For the adventurous couple, it can be the perfect activity to include while on their honeymoon. South African native Marlon du Toit has made an impressive career... See photos

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