Tips For Creating A Beautiful Bedroom

Tips For Creating A Beautiful Bedroom

Most people spend nearly one third of their lives in the bedroom, so the space should be as peaceful and luxurious as possible. Your bedroom- and in particular, your bed- is a place for day dreams, night dreams, and all dreams in between! A stylish and well-run home is the sum of more than just the rooms your guests get to wander through.  The more intimate areas of your house are just as important as what’s seen from the outside. Here are my top tips for the bedroom: 

1. Your bedroom is a place for sleep and rejuvenation. It should reflect your personality in color, mood, fabric and lighting. Create a look for your bed: sleek, tailored, and hotel-like filled with comfortable luxurious pillows. Maybe you like to lay the pillows flat for a modern look, or prop them up for a more traditional feel.  Above all, make your bedroom sensuous, inviting and comfortable.

2. Never skimp on a mattress and sheets. They’re one of the best investments you’ll ever make. You want a mattress that is both supremely comfortable and also provides excellent support for an aching back and worn-out muscles. 
3. Until recently, multiple-thread-count sheets were available only at a staggering cost. Now 400 to 800-thread-count bedding can be found at every level of retail from Neiman Marcus to Wal-Mart. Given today’s great prices, 400 is the lowest thread count I recommend buying.
4. Ideally, you should own two or more sets of everything- sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. While one set is in the wash, the other can be on the bed. To store out-of-season bedding, purchase large, lightweight plastic containers or zipper bags, into which you fold up your winter linens with a sprinkling of cedar chips. They’re easy to conceal under a bed or stacked discreetly in a closet. 

- Colin Cowie

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