These Gift Wrapping Ideas Will Make Your Presents Even Better

There is no feeling quite like seeing a loved one’s face light up because you just gave them the most perfect gift! So why not get them extra excited before they even open their present?! It’s true, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but today we’re making an exception for some seriously exceptional wrapping. Because we all know it’s better to give than to receive! And to give stylishly is just that much better.

1. Woodsy Wrap
There are few sights more scenic than the wintery woods. Why not borrow some of that magic for your gifting needs?Courtesy of Bloglovin'

2. String Lights
Your tree is as lit as they come, but there’s no reason why what’s underneath the tree shouldn’t also bear festive lights.Courtesy of Boxwood Avenue

3. Personal Parcel
Who doesn’t love a personalized gift? These oversized initial tags are calling us, big time.Courtesy of Bloglovin

4. Wrapped Wreath
Wreaths are no longer exclusive to your door décor!Courtesy of Craftberry Bush

5. Gingerbread Gift
Does a DIY get any cuter? These faux gingerbread cookies look good enough to eat.Courtesy of DIY Joy

6. Cable Knit Care Package
Who says gifts have to come wrapped in a box? These cable knit sweater presents are redefining the wrap game.Courtesy of DIY Joy

7. Scenic Surprise
A cozy winter scene and a clean white ribbon make for the most fashionable gift that’s worthy of an art gallery.Courtesy of Flamingo Toes

8. Darkened Doodles
Sometimes the perfect canvas is one you create yourself!Courtesy of Shelterness

9. Sweets From Santa
What’s better than a Christmas gift? A Christmas gift with bonus candy, of course!Courtesy of Kotipalapeli

10. Starry Strings
We’re loving this DIY string with a starry twist. It looks almost too good to unwrap…almost!Courtesy of Homey Oh My

11. Ornamental
Storing too many Christmas ornaments in your attic? Time to gift some away! (Just make sure they’re shatterproof).Martha Stewart

12. Frosted Pinecones
These “snow”-tipped pinecones and white paint splatter give off all types of winter wonderland vibes.Courtesy of Trendenser

13. Snowy Scenery
We are OBSESSED with this miniature winter scene wrap! It just doesn’t get any cuter.Courtesy of The Art of Doing Stuff

14. Beaded Box
Adorable wrapping + bonus bracelet. It’s a win-win for sure.Courtesy of Sköna hem

15. Stacked Snowman
The more presents the merrier! We think frosty would agree.Courtesy of Sköna hem


16. Blacked out
For an elegant and minimal look, black on black wrap topped with a fresh hint of greenery makes for a picturesque present.Courtesy of Popsugar

17. Clean & Cozy White
Sometimes all you need is a touch of evergreen!Courtesy of Green Mango More

--Julia Gargiulo

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