8 Tips For Fabulous Kitchen Organization

8 Tips For Fabulous Kitchen Organization

The trend toward a more casual lifestyle has transformed the kitchen from a place of unwashed dishes and meals on the run into the heart, soul, and red-hot center of our day-to-day lives. It is by far the busiest room in the house, and also the room where most of us seem to spend the greatest amount of time. The kitchen is the place where we can express the very best of who we are- and our style of entertaining- so keep it sexy and inviting. 

Here are a few basic principles to organize a kitchen that’s ready to entertain at a moments notice:

1. Place your everyday china, dishwasher-safe glasses, and silverware in a cabinet near the kitchen table. Easy access is half the battle!

2. Set aside a drawer to hold two styles of everyday place mats, runners, and complementary cloth napkins.

3. Keep a collection of unscented votives, pillar candles, and a lighter within reach so you can add instant ambience, making even the simplest meal a dining experience.

4. For easy entertaining, have a selection of beverages accessible, storing your wine bottles horizontally in a cool, dark area. A designated shelf or cabinet works well. The best option for wine storage (short of the dream item, a wine cellar!) is a home wine cooler.

5. Keep your serving pieces on one shelf, and your cookware and mixing and measuring bowls all together in another place. Store kitchen appliances that you don’t use every day- your slow cooker, cappuccino maker, turkey roaster, or fish poacher- in higher, more out-of-the-way cabinets. Don’t tuck them away in the attic or garage where you’ll never use them! And don’t forget to recycle the boxes they came in!

6. Keep a notepad with a pen and pencil next to the phone so you can jot down items you need to replenish, as well as phone calls that come in while you’re cooking. 

7. If there’s room, keep your cookbooks on a shelf in the kitchen; again, easy access is key, and this way, inspiration will be right at your fingertips.

8. Arrange your spices alphabetically; otherwise hunting down the bottle of cumin can be a nightmare. Tiered spice racks work best, because they’ll allow you to identify spices and herbs easily.

--Colin Cowie

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