12 Creative Ways To Declutter and Destress Your Life

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It’s time to stick to your New Year’s resolutions! Besides the gym and making more “you time,” why not add a little de-cluttering to your New Year’s agenda? Our homes can become especially cluttered after hosting and gifting for the holiday season, so we’re going to help you declutter, and most importantly, destress. Nothing says clean slate like a clean home! 

1. Give Your Wall Some Space
We tend to hang the things we love on our walls, but sometimes we love a little too hard. Limiting your wall décor to only a few pieces creates a more clean and open space. Bonus tip: Always make sure to coordinate color and type of frames (unless you’re creating a gallery wall, in which case mix it up, and the more the merrier).Book Bub Blog
2. Categorize Your Pantry
Raise your hand if you have no idea what’s in the back of your pantry! Avoid double buying and keeping expired products by creating labeled food containers. Know at a glance what you need to pick up at the store, and what you have enough of!Classy Clutter
3. Toss Cards & Invites
You undoubtedly received holiday cards from everyone and everyone this season. While they’ve made a happy home on your fridge or mantle for the last month, it may be time to kiss them goodbye. Similarly, invitations of weddings past should be tossed too!The Painted Parsonage

4. Condense Your Gift Wrap
We all have at least 3 rolls of wrapping paper, a dozen bows and spare cards lying around for those last-minute gift-wrapping sessions. But all those gift-time goodies can get overwhelming! For an easy storage solution, hang baskets on the inside of a closet door to easily store all of your gift-wrapping needs in one quick and easy location.Wrapped in Rust
5. Donate Unwanted Holiday Gifts
You may feel the need to keep that 6th candle from your aunt or that good-intentioned yet wrong-sized sweater, but there’s no need to take up any extra space. Re-gifting is too complicated—hit your local Goodwill and donate!100 Layer Cake
6. Sinkside Hair Products
If an unplugged straightener and blow dryer have made a happy home on your sink top, you’re not alone. We love the idea of hanging a metal mesh file box on the side of your sink to store your hair styling needs.Sunlit Spaces

7. Hit The Carwash
Let’s be honest, we take our cars to Starbucks far more often than the carwash. Kick off the New Year with a fresh detailing to help you get in the habit of keeping your car tidy and old iced latte cups out (we can’t be the only ones).
8. Minimize Your Medicine Cabinet
The smallest room in your home tends to house the most unnecessary items! If you have a medicine cabinet, we guarantee you don’t use 90% of its contents! When it doubt, throw it out!Erica George Dines Photography
9. Simplify The Shower
While we’re on the topic of the bathroom, let’s talk about the shower. Multiple mismatched shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles can make a shower space look messy. Head over to Homegoods or even the dollar store for a few matching pump bottles. A coordinated shower is a de-cluttered shower!The Chic Site

10. Organize Your Mudroom
With the winter weather on our feet, our mudrooms tend to get a little sloppy. A shoe rack or stylish bins will help keep the space more open and organized. Bonus tip: limit the number of shoes to one pair per person in the house!Home Bunch
11. Tupperware Tops
Tupperware is our best friend, but storing it can be tricky and space consuming. It’s impossible to stack Tupperware with their respective lids, but if you don’t, you’re stuck playing “where’s the top?” Instead of the match game, try a hanging file holder on the inside of your kitchen cabinet to easily find the lid you’re searching for!Better Homes and Gardens
12. Clean Counter Space
Nothing makes cooking more enticing than a nice clean counter top! Get yourself in the habit of putting dishes away after they’ve dried on the rack instead of re-using; it’s a small change that will make a BIG difference.Amber Interior Design

Reward yourself
Look at you and your clean self!  Don’t forget to reward yourself after you’re happy with how clutter-free your life is.


--Julia Gargiulo

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