These Mini Comfort Foods Are Changing The Wedding Game

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We have no clue why, but there’s something so satisfying about miniature foods. What’s better than getting the taste of every flavor in your favorite comfort food all in one bite! We’re rounding up the 16 cutest wedding comfort foods you could fit in your back pocket. It’s a great thing calories can’t be consumed through immense staring… 

1. Petite Pop Tarts
Umm, what? How have we never thought of these before? This is culinary genius.Tiny Food Party

2. Mini Eggs Benny
Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a delicious bite of eggs benedict without all that mess?Tiny Food Party
3. Tiny Cheese Balls
We have a feeling these are going to be huge hit with your guests.Tastes Better From Scratch


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4. Crazy Cute Corn Fritters
Not only do these taste like summer in your mouth – they’re also insanely adorbs.Tastes Better From Scratch
5. Must-Have Mini Hot Dogs
These are like pigs-in-a-blanket, but way better.Ruth Eileen Photography 
6. Bite-Sized Soft Pretzels
They’re even better than the ones you crave on the NYC streets.Ruth Eileen Photography

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7. Baby Blooming Onions
Let’s be real - we could eat all of them in one sitting.Macheesmo
8. Little Lobster Pot Pie
Seafood lovers are going to go crazy over these bite sized lobster pot pies. La Crema
9. Bite-size Mac & Cheese
Okay, first – can we just talk about how cute these mini pots are? Now here’s a treat that tastes as good as it looks.Julie Table For Two

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10. Lasagna Roll-Ups
An Italian favorite shrunk down to one perfect bite!Homemade Interest
11. Mini Baked Ham And Cheese Rolls
These mini ham and cheese rolls can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!High Heels and Grills
12. Ridiculously Adorable Roasted Red Pepper Straws
For the guests who like a little bit of spice with their sides, these will keep your party hot.Ellen Silverman

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13. Tiny Tacos
Yo quiero tiny tacos.Tiny Food Party!
14. The Cutest Chicken And Dumplings
Again with the adorable mini pots – such a crowd pleaser.The Wicked Noodle
15. Mini Stuffed Potatoes
Potatoes, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits… BOOM.The Comfort of Cooking

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16. Ham, Cheese, and Spinach Bites
Try to think of a more appetizing food combo – we dare you. Pinterest


-- Lauren Megerdichian

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