Keep The Party Going With These Buzz-Worthy Wedding Favors

00 Boozy

We’ve all loved party favors since we were kids, but where’s our reward for being social as adults?! Thank goodness for weddings! You could give soaps or candles if it suits your style, but in true adult fashion, why not give a boozy treat at your reception? We’re not talking about mini shooters of Pinnacle; there are tons of ways to get creative with your favors. We guarantee these 11 favors will create a buzz.

1. Champagne
Nothing says “celebration” like popping a little champagne (literally).Scott Clark PhotographyTracey Ayton Photography

2. Limoncello
For the Italian couple or for a destination wedding in Italy, a classic limoncello will absolutely do the trick.Woman Getting Married

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3. Wine
We love these personalized mini wine bottles. We all know a wino (or several) that will appreciate the thought.Style Your Soirée

4. Boozy Hot Cocoa
For a fall or winter wedding, a spiked hot cocoa kit is the ideal boozy gift for your guests!Woman Getting MarriedRecipes International 

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5. Rosé Gummies
Pinterest’s favorite boozy trend can make an appearance at YOUR wedding! We love the idea of using rose molds for those rosé bears!Kirbie's Cravings

6. Vodka Mixers
Some people like theirs straight up; we say bring on the fruity vodka mixers!Cambria Grace PhotographyRaymond Hom Photography 

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7. Cozy Kahlua
For a chilly winter wedding, provide your guests with a cozy liquor jacket of Kahlua.Evermine

8. Tanta Tequila
For a Mexican wedding or theme we highly suggest tequila to get the fiesta started!Style Art LifeMi Belle Photography 

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9. Jello Shots
Step back into your college days with us for a minute. If you’re going the boozy favor route, you have to try these fruit filled jello shots, because who doesn’t want to chew their shot?A Beautiful Day 

10. Warm Whiskey Wishes
Nothing warms the heart, and belly, quite like bourbon does!Honey Honey Photography

11. Beer
Beer is always a safe bet. Grab some craft beers that you can affix a label to and voila! You have a personalized boozy favor that your guests are sure to savor.Christine Foehrkolb Photography 

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--Julia Gargiulo

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