10 Minutes With: Isabella Suplicy

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Isabella Suplicy, the Brazilian Queen of Sugar is taking the dessert world by storm.  Her artful and elegant cakes have upped the ante when it comes to wedding confections. Based in Sao Paulo and coveted by brides worldwide, we sat down with Isabella to discuss her exquisite sugary secrets. She’s sharing what’s hot- and not- in cakes, desserts and her favorite confections.

Your wedding cakes are spectacular. Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
My inspiration is always the bride, her dreams and her love story. Also, I tend to ask a lot about the party's decor and flowers.

What trends, color or otherwise, have you noticed brides asking for this year?  
Green is the tendency for most of my cakes this season!

What dessert trends do you think are overdone? 

What are some tips on picking out flavors? What’s the key to successfully blending ones all your guests will love? 
There are such inventive flavors out there now for cakes. The more simple and comfy, the more guests will love! Chocolate and nuts are top hits.

What should all couples know when choosing a cake designer for their wedding? 
I believe couples should trust their cake designer's style, because many details are decided last minute, and it all depends on the final touches!

What’s your favorite dessert? 
Very hot Bread Puddings!

Last but not least, what tips would you give a bride currently planning her wedding?
Try not to be over anxious and trust the professionals who you choose!

-Melissa Hammam

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