10 Rainbow Wedding Treats That Will Wow On Your Dessert Table

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There’s something about a rainbow that draws us in. The flawless spectrum of colors is quite literally addicting, as are these sweets that serve as their colorful counterparts. Dig in to these pristine prismatic desserts for your wedding that are sure to wow.

1. Colorful Cake
If you’re into the rainbow trend, why not incorporate it into the most important dessert of all? Your wedding cake!!Ivy + Stone Cake Design
2. Ice Cream Sprinkle Bowls
For an original dessert idea, create these colorful rainbow sprinkle ice cream bowls with white chocolate and a balloon! What’s better than being able to eat your china with your dessert?Courtesy of This Heart of Mine
3. Chocolate Bark
If you’re as obsessed with the famous cereal’s colorful marshmallows as us, you’ll love this white marshmallow chocolate bark.Penelope Bulnick via Instructables
4. Color Splash Smoothies
How fun is layering colors? Smoothies are no exception. Blend your fave fruits and veggies for the most colorful after-dinner treat.Courtesy of The First Year Blog
5. Dashing Donuts
Donuts are so ridiculously trendy right now. Add some edible spray paint and you’ve got the dessert of the year for your big day.Courtesy of Aww Sam
6. Multicolored Macarons
Macarons are a classic wedding dessert. Spruce up your dessert table with a gorgeous rainbow array of the sweet bite sized treats.Courtesy of Cooking Classy
7. Flamboyant Fruit
Who said fruit wasn’t a dessert? Not us. Luckily fruit comes in all colors on the spectrum, so grab a skewer and eat Scott Clark Photography

8. Showy Cookie Spread
This is such a simple idea with SUCH a cute presentation. Less is more; sometimes it’s all about the display!Courtesy of Pint Sized Baker
9. Colored Crepes
Crepes are too delicious for words. Add to that some colorful batter and you’ve got a whole new dessert worthy of a ‘gram.Courtesy of The Proper Blog
10. Color Pop Popsicles
This sweet chilly treat is as colorful as they come. Serve these from a vintage ice cream stand for added fun.Courtesy of The First Year Blog
--Julia Gargiulo

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