These Insane Floral Designs Are The Definition of Flower Power

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Besides the love – what makes a wedding day so special? If you ask us, it’s all about the flowers. Flowers are one of the most important (and most beautiful) aspects of your Big Day. When it comes to blooms – the bigger the better and the more the merrier. Today we’re redefining the art of “flower power” with these 10 outrageously amazing wedding floral designs.

1. Ceiling Seduction
Whatever you do – don’t look down!Karen Tran

2. Floral Altar 
An altar made entirely of ridiculously gorgeous blooms makes for one romantic “I do”.Hey Gorgeous EventsJeff LeathamFleur McHarg

3. Lobby Love 
Talk about starting the night off right – this lobby is sure to take your breath away.Jeff Leatham

4. Entrance Envy 
A huge floral entrance will prepare your guests for the memorable night to come.Jeff Leatham

5. Flower Power Pool  
OMG, the temptation to dive into this floral pool is real.Jeff Leatham

6. Garden Dreams 
Just going to pretend that we’re fairies for the day in this garden full of floral dreams.Laura B Florals 

7. Blooming Backdrop
How to make a plain white wall something beautiful – just add flowers.Pinterest

8. Orchid Canopy 
Walk towards your forever under a canopy of elegant orchids.Preston Bailey 

9. Fairytale Forest  
Oh, that Twilight wedding? Yeah, it happened in real life. Here’s proof.Preston Bailey

10. Peonies Of Plenty  
Because, let’s be honest, a room full of peonies is pretty much every girl’s goal in life.Rebecca Louise Law 

--Lauren Megerdichian

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