10 Winter Wedding Centerpieces That Are Pure Magic

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What’s so great about winter, you ask? Let’s just say it’s not the cold weather that gets us so excited for these chillier months – it’s the inspiring décor that has us head over heels with the winter season. You may be thinking that there aren’t many options when it comes to winter wedding décor without becoming super cheesy (we’re looking at you – mistletoe). Well, trust us, there is a winter wonderland way. Since centerpieces are the main event at your reception, we’re showing you 10 fresh and frosty ideas that will prove that the magic of winter still exists.  

1. Evergreens
Kick summertime floral to the curb and opt for lush winter greens.Luiza Smirnova    A Still Breath Photography

2. Pinecone Accents
So, we love pinecones – but just make sure to go easy on them when adding them as element to your decor. Remember, less is more!Ardita Kola Photography

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Virgil Bunao Photography

3. Winter Glitter
Create a tablescape that glitters like fresh snow on a sunny day.Amalie Orange Photography

4. Winter Citrus
Incorporate seasonal fruits to add a bit of citrus to your centerpiece!Belathee Photography

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Belathee Photography 

5. Colorful Warmth
Bold colors will instantly warm up the atmosphere of a chilly winter wedding day.Gabriela Ines PhotographyDana Cubbage Weddings

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6. Get Moody
Don’t be afraid to get a little edgy – dark colors and moody material can create a jaw-dropping tablescape.Figtree Pictures
7. Holiday Spirit
Even if your wedding falls after the holiday season, you can still add some spirit to your day! Because what’s more romantic than the holidays, are we right?JoPhoto

8. Crisp & Cool
How minimalistic and beautiful is this tablescape? We love the idea of incorporating winter tones in light doses.Kate Osborne Photography

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9. Soft Elegance
Neutrals and subtle muted tones exude elegance at a winter wedding.Nadia Meli

10. Candles on Candles
If your home isn’t swimming in candles, then are you really doing winter right? Translate that same element of romance into your wedding by making candles the center of attention. Melania Gabrielle PhotographyDeer Pearl Flowers 

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-- Lauren Megerdichian

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